The Tai Brows Technique Development Workshop is an interactive event that teaches the fundamental theory and practice of microblading. Students will have the opportunity to learn its unique history, and understand the skills and techniques involved in its complex procedure

Day One - of the workshop focuses on the consultation process, and the technique of constructing eyebrow shape and design. Students have the opportunity to bring their own models and perform mock consultations on eachother! Students will learn how to conduct an aesthetic facial analysis to distinguish common eyebrow imbalances or any other asymmetrical proportions, and proceed to shape and draw eyebrow designs using a blend of their creative knowledge and their mock client’s expectations.

We will also cover history and theory of microblading. Students will learn various tattooing concepts, including the differences between manual and handheld tattoo artistry. Students will also learn how to assess clients based on a spectrum of skin textures, how to select the appropriate eyebrow color, and how to address medical contraindications. This informational session will also give students the opportunity to learn about health and sanitation regulations, including how to minimize the risk of spreading blood-borne pathogens.


Day Two* students may watch Kira’s consultation, design, and application procedures come to life! This is an optional opportunity for the student to experience Kira perform a live, full microblading procedure on a lucky student or mock client. 


*Day 2 is optional

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