As a DMV area-based entrepreneur driven by the desire to promote self-confidence in women, creativity fuels my values in businesses and in my philosophy of life. I tend to think outside the box, constantly innovating a step beyond what I see. I began my career as an entrepreneur in 2013 by marketing culinary products, where I learned the fundamentals of sales, balancing expenses, persuading prospects and satisfying clients. In 2014, I invested in a health product company, where I simultaneously marketed the product and advised prospects on the benefits of attaining financial freedom through network marketing. I’ve made multiple podcasts and videos offering advice on public speaking, sales pitches and strategic business moves, ultimately reaching a platform of over 600 people.


In 2015, I launched my own home cleaning business, where I developed personal relationships with my clients by constantly meeting and exceeding their expectations. My cleaning business enabled me to provide a holistic experience for my community through quality, “hands on” service. These ventures were essential to me in developing the leadership, patience and concentration that microblading requires. As owner and operator of Tai Brows, microblading allows my marketing expertise and creative passion for cosmetic enhancement to assist people in achieving their ideal look. However, I find the most satisfaction in returning beauty and self-confidence to those who believe they’ve lost those traits.


Aside from microblading, I express my creativity through Pineapple Tai Entertainment, a business I co-own that specializes in entertainment costume design, variety acts, dance, eyebrows, and makeup. I eventually aim to expand my skill set into the medical field by pursuing a degree in nursing, completing medical school and ultimately practicing cosmetic surgery. As I build my career towards my goal, I look forward to assisting you in crafting your aesthetic!

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