Weekend appointments are subject to a $100 surcharge

Download and complete the Client Consent Form prior to arriving to your appointment.


Your first session includes a 30-45 minute comprehensive consultation that allows me to evaluate your skin and medical history. An additional two hours is spent mapping and shaping the brow design depending on the client’s facial and muscular structure. The actual microblading process takes approximately twenty to thirty minutes.

4 hr | $445.00

Second Session Touch Up

The touch up session perfects the results from the first session. This session begins with a mini follow-up consultation to gauge how well the ink has saturated into the skin. Clients who have young, oily, or thick skin can expect this session to focus on fixing minor stroke losses where the ink didn’t saturate properly.



**Touch up sessions only apply to returning clients. Clients who have not recently undergone the initial microblading session with Tai Brows will have their touch up appointments declined**



2hr | $150

Third Session Touch up

A third session is occasionally nessecary for clients with non ideal skin types or other skin contraindications. (i.e, medications, sun exposure,lifestyle, oily, dry, or aged skin. 


2 hr | $100

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Microblading & Ombré Shading

This procedure is the best of both worlds! It provides a natural look for the client by simulating hair strokes toward the front of the brow, and provides the nice clean shading of an ombre powderfill toward the arch and tail ends. 

4 hr | $500.00

Powder-Fill Ombre Shading

Powderfill shading simulates a brow powder 'makeup' look and often helps clients replace there makeup when microblading can not. This generally provides a cleaner more 'finished' aesthetic rather than a natrual look. 



3hr | $500

Tight-Line And Eyeliners

Also known as “invisible eyeliner”, tight-lining is the process of applying semi-permanent ink into the base of the client’s lash line to fill in gaps and create a subtle definition in their eyes.  Tightline can be thickened to basic eyeliners, or include more details such as wings and added shading. 



3 hr | $250-450

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Fibroblast treatment utilizes a small pen like device that emits an electrical charge. As the devices tip nears the skin (but never touching) and electrical arc of heat is emitted that creates an incredible superficial pin-like abrasion to the outer most layer of skin. As these carbon crusts heals, collagen from surrounding cells naturally heals the skin upward! eliminating deep wrinkles and removing excess skin! 

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